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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

Here is my first handmade Christmas gift! I made this for my sister. Since I knew I would see her at Thanksgiving, it was the perfect time to make her an advent calendar. Now she'll be able to enjoy it the whole month of December!
To make the advent calendar, I covered a cookie sheet with paper and cut out a Christmas tree shape. My husband cut holes in the metal and I tied a ribbon through for hanging.

Then I made 24 marble magnets, each one with a different Christmas picture.

The last step was the little lined bag with appliqued snowman. It holds the magnets when they are not on the tree.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

For anyone planning on handmade gifts, Christmas is FAST approaching. So I thought I'd share a few fun gift ideas I've run across recently.

Hairbows. Step-by-step instructions. And every little girl needs more hair bows!


Felt Play Mats. Wow... think of the possibilities. Takes playing with GI Joes or plastic animals to a whole new level!


Soft Baby Blocks. Any baby toy that can be washed gets my vote!

Superhero Cape. What boy (or girl) wouldn't love to fly around the house with one of these?!


Fabric Dollhouse. Or you could make it a "barn" to hold plastic animals.


Personalized Pillows. Who wouldn't love something this cute?!


Playhouse Tent.




Favorite Things Mini Album. It has pictures of each of the grandchildren with three of their favorite things about Grandma and Grandpa. So cute! More pictures here:

Aack! I give up formatting this stupid post. Sometimes I hate Blogger! Sorry it's a little funky!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fabric Name Book

This is a baby shower gift I gave to a sweet friend of mine. Hopefully it will help her little guy learn the letters in his name. Or at least it will give him something colorful to look at (and chew on).

I created every page in the quiet book with the same basic technique. I lined all of the fabric with Wonder Under, cut out the shapes, ironed them to the background fabric, then satin stitched around the edges on my sewing machine.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fabric Quiet Book

Hi everyone! Sorry things are slow around here these days. I am actually VERY busy with several craft projects at the moment. I just haven't finished any of them enough to post yet! So while you are waiting, here is a project I did about three years ago---a fabric quiet book. I saw a friend with one at church and fell in love. Had to make one. Little did I know what a HUGE, never-ending project it would turn out to be.

Some pages are my original design and others are based on the book my friend had (and who knows where those ideas came from). Let's just say this was a learning first time attempting anything this intricate and my first time doing applique!

So here it is...the fabric quiet book.

First, we have color matching on an artist's painting board (or whatever they are really called).

 Next, kids can pull on the elephant's tail to make him eat the "peanuts". They can also buckle and unbuckle the belt on the pants.

This one is my favorite---a little treasure chest that the kids can unlock. Sometimes I even put a little treat inside. hee hee. Then on the next page, they can practice tying shoe laces.

Next, kids decide how much money to put in the tithing envelope and how much to put in the piggy bank. Then they can make funny faces (another of my favorite pages). The face is made of felt and sewn on a pocket that stores the face pieces.

Oops...I told you this was a never-ending project. The tree is supposed to be a family tree with little apples that have pictures of family members on them. Just haven't finished those dang apples. The other page is Jonah and the Whale. The whale has a zippy mouth so he can eat Jonah.

The red and blue pocket holds paper dolls (which I posted pictures of in the magnetic quiet book post). The other page is a race track. The road signs come unsnapped and can be moved around. The little car parks in the light green pocket.

Next we have hair braiding. The flowers on her hat can also be unbuttoned. The next page is a magnetic fishing game. The water is a pocket that holds the fish and the rod.

The last page has two holds a pad of paper and the other holds crayons.

And maybe some day I will dig out the SUITCASE full of scraps from this project and finish a few other pages I started. But really, I can't do another project until I finish the ones I've already got going!!!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fixing Things

The seat of this little baby doll stroller was made of such cheap fabric that it ripped after only a few months of use. So I dug out a scrap of denim and some bias-fold tape and WHALA...good as new! We even tested it out today on a walk to the mail box.

We used to have a big pile of grocery sacks. They drove me nuts and were always in the way. So I whipped up this little bag to hang near the washer and dryer. It has elastic in the bottom. I stuff it full of sacks, then they easily come out one at a time through the hole when I need one.

Hurray for fixing things!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Costumes

As my friend Kirsten says, "It's not Halloween unless your living room is covered in fabric." Well, this year I sewed four costumes, three of which I didn't have a pattern for. And yes, my house is a disaster. But the effort was well worth it.
Dorothy's dress was a pain in the tush. The pattern had so many pieces and was sewn in a weird way. But this girl had so much fun. And you should see her loot! That basket was FULL!
The Teeny Tiny Tin Man was the hit of the party. And I have to admit he looks awfully sweet.
It took a great deal of scrubbing to return my skin to it's normal color. I drew the line at painting my arms and hands though. How am I supposed to snitch candy from the kids if my hands are covered in disgusting paint?!