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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Little Dollar Store Goodness

Never underestimate the dollar store. You just don't know what fun surprises await! I found this ceramic bird and the wooden star plaques at my local Dollar Tree. I put the bird next to my little nest...seemed fitting. The stars are for my little boy's nursery. I just painted the edges green, added coordinating scrapbook paper and did a little stitching on my sewing machine. The nursery is coming together nicely.

This post is a little jumbled, but I'm too lazy to fix it. Better to post a jumbled mess than nothing at all, right? Besides, who actually reads the words's all about photos! :) Happy crafting, friends!


  1. I love the stars! I'm wanting to get those to put around the cute bear you made under the shelf. I'll have to find some fun paper- thanks for the idea!

  2. I might have to go get me some of those to decorate with! I love your spring decoration too! How do you have time to do it all?

  3. Hey -- I didn't know you did things like this! I have two blogs. I'll have to invite you to our family blog, but check out the other one I've been working on: Wonder what THAT'S about, eh? I miss Tuesday lunches. I've been working on Toddler-proofing my house and have found some toys I think will make it fun for people to come over. So, let me know what the schedule is, and I'll host one here -- maybe we can add a craft project to it! One like this we could TOTALLY do with kids!

  4. I was so bummed when I went to go pick up some stars because they were all gone! I think you and Lydia stole them all!! I got a cute flower instead for some spring decor.


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