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Monday, November 16, 2009

Burp Rag Bouquet

Have you seen the burp rag bouquet I made earlier this year? Well, I went to a shower two weeks ago and made another one:
It looks pretty much the same as the last one, eh? I was going to take pictures of the whole process and make a photo tutorial, but to tell you the truth... I was too lazy. :) Maybe next time. But if you are looking for an easy, cute, practical gift for a new baby, try making a burp rag bouquet. So fun!


  1. Very cute. Flannel burp rags are my standard baby shower gift because they're so easy to make and I don't think I've ever been to a baby shower were someone else gave the same thing. My sister told me about this idea to roll them into "cupcakes" but this idea is cute too. (

    I made your scripture puppets, by the way. You can see the first two of them here from when I took a picture of the puppet theater. ( I haven't taken pictures of them whole set yet, but when I get them posted on my blog I'll let you know and link back to you.


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