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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fathers Day Cards

Today I made these cute cards for Fathers Day:

They are a Martha Stewart craft and you can look at the tutorial here. My suggestion for anyone making them is to use regular weight paper, not cardstock. Also make sure to fold the collar part big enough or the shirt will not stay tucked under properly. And how cute would it be to add suspenders, a shirt pocket with pocket square, or a bow tie?! Or you could make a little LDS missionary name tag and send them to a Mormon missionary. These would also be the perfect wrapper for a gift card. Fun, fun!


  1. that's how I folded my passes notes in high school! Do high school kids still pass notes now that they can text?

  2. LK- I've witnessed middle school students passing notes because texting is not allowed during school.

    Jennifer - Those cards are absolutely adorable!

  3. I guess I am stupid I can't figure it out. I have tired looking at Martha's site and I guess I need to see it done in person. or be talked through it. What do I do?


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