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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Furniture Redo: The $5 Dresser

I bought a sad, beat-up old dresser for five bucks at a yard sale two years ago. It was covered in stickers, dinged up, had a small hole in one side and truthfully, it smelled kinda weird.

I bet you've seen this style of furniture before. My mom had a similar bedroom set when she was a girl and I've seen tons of it on Craigslist and at other yard sales. It is made mostly of wood with some weird plastic-like veneer on the top surface. So...wanna see the finished dresser?Sleek black paint and new modern handles give this baby a whole new vibe!

The total cost for this dresser:

$20-knobs from Target
$5-10-spray paint/clear coat (don't remember exactly how many cans I used).


  1. What a transformation! It looks gorgeous! (And I wish it was mine! ;)

  2. Looks like a good transformation : )

  3. This is gorgeous!! Love the price even more.

  4. thats amazing. i love your projects. seriously - I always come away inspired!


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