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Monday, December 30, 2013

Crocheted Bears

I have another gift to share with you. Did I not say this was the year of yarn for me?  I wish I could claim that I made these. I have an awesome and amazingly kind friend who surprised me with this cute guy when I went to a local boutique to buy one for my nephew and they were all sold out:

I am crushing on this bear. The aviator hat and scarf and those long, floppy arms? Gah! Too cute! I hope my nephew loves him as much as I do or else I may have to go visit him and steal it back. ;)

Can you believe my friend just showed up on my doorstep with this cutie? So incredibly nice. And it gets better. I have a niece too, and while watching the Survivor finale episode together, my friend made a girl bear to keep the boy bear company.

Big pink hair bow, tutu and scarf? I die!

And look at these two bears together. CA-UTE! I hope they get lots and lots of snuggles.


  1. omg does your friend sell these? I am going to be a grandma for the 2nd time March 8th . The nursery is in grays,red, black and white with airplanes. That aviator would just be perfect.. You can email me at Thanks so much.


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