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Make Your Own Baby Food

My baby is old enough that she is now eating solids. (This is me making a sad face... she's growing up way too fast!) I have a secret... I don't buy baby food! It is just too expensive in my opinion and it's so simple to make my own that I don't see the need to overpay. I do buy some jarred food for trips or when I know we will be out and about. I'm not crazy after all. :) But that's it. 99% of what my baby eats is the food I make for her. 

And it's so simple, you'll wonder why you ever bought baby food!

To make homemade baby food, you will need:

- A bag of frozen vegetables
- A blender
- Ice cube trays
- Water

1. Cook the vegetables in the microwave until soft.
2. Add vegetables to blender with 1/2-1 cup water.
3. Blend and add more water as needed until it's a smooth consistency
4. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze solid.

5. Pop the frozen cubes out of the ice cube tray and store in a freezer bag.

With one $0.80 bag of frozen peas, I was able to make 28 cubes. One commercial jar of baby food is equal to about four cubes. That means one bag of peas is like seven jars of baby food... which equals roughly $0.12 per jar. Since even the cheapest baby food is $0.55 a jar, I am saving at least $0.43 per jar. If my baby eats 2 jars a day, that means I am saving $6 per week, $24 per month or a whopping $312 per year. Totally worth the time investment!

These are the varieties of baby food I usually make:

- peas
- green beans (use frozen or unsalted canned)
- squash (buy a butternut or acorn squash, boil, bake or microwave until soft, blend and freeze)
- sweet potatoes (same as squash)
- carrots (I use frozen)

I introduce fruits (bananas, apples, peaches and pears) when my baby is about 7 months old. When baby is about 9 months old, I start mashing table food with a fork and feeding her whatever our family is having for dinner. Sometimes I'll even blend up leftovers for her... you'd be surprised how well spaghetti works as baby food once it's been through the blender! Ha! Then it's straight to normal food when she turns 1. It's what works for me. :)
Jennifer V.
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