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A Diamond In The Rough

Today I've got some exciting news to share... we bought our first home! We move in just a couple weeks.

I can't tell you how long I've been wanting to get my crafty little hands on a home of my very own. I'm so excited! It's a diamond in the rough just oozing with potential. And between my creative brain and my husband's perfectionist carpentry skills, I just know we can turn it into something great!

Want to take a little tour?

Here's the front of the home:

Do you just love the big trees? The whole property is full of them. Best reason to buy an older home. Period.

There's a little entryway space: 

I'm already dreaming up plans for what I'm going to do to this space!

Then you either walk up or down the steps. Yep, split entry. Total 80's house.

I want wood stairs here eventually. Wouldn't that be beautiful?

Here's the kitchen/dining room:

That flooring may look okay in the photo, but it is FUNKY in person. I think it was originally supposed to be siding for a log cabin, not even joking. But we can live with it until we scrape up funds to replace it. I want to revamp the kitchen and I already have an idea for the mismatched appliances. 

This is the living room side of the main room:

And another view. That yellowish orange wall? That has GOT to go! It is exactly the color of a bad Mexican restaurant.

Master bedroom:

Not much to look at yet, but it has it's own private deck on the front of the house!

This is the bedroom that will be the nursery:

What you can't see is the awesome Twilight light switch cover and the cheap-o bifold closet doors. But the beadboard is cute and I even like the paint color!

This is the upstairs bathroom: 

Nothing fancy, but it does have double sinks. I think I can make something of it. The wall you can only see in the mirror's reflection is painted poop brown. Brown in a bathroom... sorry, my mind just automatically goes there!

The downstairs has a big family room with a fireplace:

The tile is in great shape, even though I think it's a little strange for a family room downstairs. The bi-fold doors lead to a bigger-than-you-would-expect laundry room closet.

My favorite room in the whole house:

It's going to be my craft room. My happy place! The whole back wall is full of those built-in shelves. Ugly now, but can you say, "Potential!!" I can put so much stuff in there!

Downstairs bedroom for the kids:

A little white paint will take it from rustic to Nantucket.

And here's the downstairs bathroom:

Come on, I know you looooooove that light fixture! And don't forget that awesome wallpaper border.

But the real reason we bought the house is because it's out in the country on an awesome piece of land and surrounded by gorgeous farm fields. This is the view from the back deck:

Be still, my heart! That will be the view from my kitchen sink.

And another from the side yard:

I mean, seriously. Gorgeous! Heavenly! Just what this country-girl-at-heart has always dreamed of! Mature trees, a garden spot, a deck, a half-finished treehouse, lots of grass for the kids to run around on. Did I mention there are apple trees? Ack! I am so in love!

Do you see the potential? I've already been remodeling in my mind. Some style updates, a few repairs, lots of paint and elbow grease and I think this place is going to be amazing! And you better believe I'll be sharing all the changes here on the blog. Are you excited? I can't wait to get started!

Now excuse me while I run to Home Depot.
The Craft Patch
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  1. I've been following your blog for a while and I am so excited for you and your first house! What a diamond in the rough for sure-- and a killer view! Congrats! Can't wait to read all the crafty posts to see what you do with it!

    1. Okay, now. THIS is what I love about blogging... thank you for the kind comment! I love how the internet brings people together! And I can't wait to start sharing all the changes I'm going to make. :)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing you implement your vision. We moved into a beat up farmhouse years ago. When our friend saw it he asked my husband, "WHAT does your wife think?"
    "She thinks it has a lot of potential, " my husband said. Unfortunately, that potential hasn't totally translated into reality 17 years later...but five kids and a dairy farm will slow a person down. I hope you enjoy owning your own home as much as we have. :)

    1. I've only got three kids and no dairy farm, and I'm still wondering how I'm going to do it all :) Thanks for the comment, Holly!

  3. So excited for you! Can't wait to watch you work your magic. The views and trees are spectacular. Makes me feel like I want to take a big deep breath of fresh country air. Have fun!

  4. Fantastic news! We just bought or first house a few months ago too. (I think you saw it already) I love your entryway, kitchen, & craft space. The bathrooms look heavenly too, compared to our mid-70's house master bath! Can't wait to see your updates, and hopefully make a few of my own ;)

    1. I remember seeing pics of your house... so cute and oozing potential! We're kind of living parallel lives... it will be fun to share remodeling experiences! :)


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