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Felt Paper Doll Tutorial + Free Pattern

Oh boy have I got a load of crafty cuteness for you. Today I'm going to show you how to make a felt paper doll and I'm including a free printable pattern to make it even easier for you to make one for that special little princess in your life. Are you ready for adorable in epic proportions?!

A fun sewing project to make an adorable felt doll

It's so cute right? You want to make one right this minute, right? It's such a perfect handmade gift idea for little girls, right? ☺

To make a felt paper doll, you will need: (aff. links)

- Craft Felt: "skin" color, "hair" color and white
- Batting (just a little bit)
- Sewing Machine and Coordinating Thread
- Fabric Scraps
- Oil Pastels and a Q-tip
- Free Felt Doll Pattern (DOWNLOAD HERE and HERE)

Begin by printing the pattern, then cut out the body, hair and underwear pieces.

How to make a doll out of felt

Sew the hair and undies on to the body. Add eyes with a permanent marker or stitch them on with dark thread. My favorite method for making rosy cheeks on dolls is to fluff the end of a Q-tip, rub it on the red oil pastel chalk, then gently add a bit of color where the cheeks would be.

The best way to add rosy cheeks to a fabric, felt or yarn doll.

Sew the body onto a large uncut piece of felt. It makes sewing around the little details so much easier.  Another tip for sewing detailed shapes like this is to keep your needle in the fabric and lift up your sewing machine foot often. This helps you make tight turns and adjust your sewing lines around weird shapes. Make sure to leave one small hole for stuffing.

Felt paper doll tutorial

Next, press batting into all of the nooks and crannies. I've found that the end of a knitting needle works perfectly for this.

The easiest way to stuff a handmade doll

Sew the hole closed, then trim around the edges and your doll is done! I added little ribbon hair bows to my doll. You could make these interchangeable to match different outfits, but I hot glued mine on.

Free sewing pattern and tutorial for a felt dolly

To make clothes for your cute little doll, line the back side of a scrap of fabric with Heat N Bond. Trace the dress pattern onto the paper backing and cut it out. Then peel back the paper and iron the dress to a piece of felt.

Use Heat'N Bond to attach fabric to felt

I chose to top stitch around my outfits. It's not necessary, but it sure makes the clothes cuter. Also, the more details you add (pockets, collars, trim, buttons, etc.) the cuter your clothes will turn out. Once all of the sewing is done, trim off the excess felt around the edges.

Felt paper doll clothes patterns and tutorial using felt and fabric

Velcro is also optional, but it does help the clothes stick to the doll better. I attached my Velcro with hot glue so the stitches wouldn't show through to the other side.

Free sewing pattern and tutorial to make felt paper doll clothes.

And there you have it. Now you know exactly how to make a cute little felt doll. This was seriously one of the most fun crafts I've made in a long time. There's so much room for creative expression. I loved digging through my notions to find cute little doodads to use. I think you're going to love this project! It was so, so fun.

Free pattern to make a felt paper doll on your sewing machine.
The Craft Patch
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  1. That's absolutely gorgeous!! You're right I can't wait to begin to make 1 or 2...😆 thank you so much for the free pattern.

  2. That is stinking cute!!! Thanks for the pattern

  3. Too cute! Can't wait to try it! Thank you for sharing!

  4. An adorable pattern. How sweet of you to share. Thank you!

  5. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Just found out I'm having a granddaughter. By the time she's old enough I'll have a box full of clothes for this doll. Thanks for sharing such a sweet project.

    1. Congratulations Charlotte! That is very exciting!

  7. My granddaughter is coming to send 3 days with me next week, so I'm going to make this for her this weekend. Can't way to get them to her.

    1. How fun! I hope your granddaughter loves it! It sounds like she's pretty lucky to have you as a grandma.

  8. I Jennifer, making my first doll, how do I cut so it does not look "choppy"? thanks

    1. Are you using sharp fabric scissors to cut? I'm guessing if your cut marks are choppy that it might be that your scissors are dull.

  9. when you said you put velcro on the back of the outfit to help it stick better, did you also put the other side of velcro on the doll itself?

    1. I put the scratchy side of the velcro on the back of the clothes and they stick to the doll since it's made of felt. Hope that helps!

  10. Thank you soooo much for this adorable pattern! Seriously so stinkin' cute! I'm making a quiet book for my granddaughter and this little doll is going in there. I think I will back her with Peltex instead of stuffing so the quiet book won't be too thick. Just have to figure out how to include a closet to store the clothes in.

    1. She is a PERFECT addition to a quiet book. Such a great idea and so glad you like the pattern. Thanks for the comment Kathy!

  11. For ladies who make "Little Dresses For Africa" charity, it would so sweet to include a little dark-complexion girl with a matching dress. I'm sure the small children in Africa have few toys to play with. Thank you for such a wonderful idea. God bless you.


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