10 Minute Mistreatment

I am a big fan of The Nester. I have been “mistreating” things for years. When I read her blog for the first time, I felt like I had found a kindred spirit! She has totally validated my lazy, hair-brained ways of making things work! If you’ve never checked out her site, you should. Anyway, she’s been posting lately about how you can make a room better in just 10 minutes. So I decided to give it a whirl in my little boy’s room.

Because we live in a small apartment, I keep bins of toys under the crib.

Ugly clutter. Ack! It drives me nuts! I knew a crib skirt would make a huge difference.

I used a sheet as the backing for the quilt I made him, so I dug out the leftovers to use for the skirt. Here’s the finished product:

No toys in sight! Hurray!!!

And here’s how I did it:Yep, I literally laid the sheet under the mattress, evenly scrunched the edge, then put the mattress back down on top! It took all of five seconds. Since I used a sheet, it already had a finished edge. AND it’s adjustable! When it’s time to lower the mattress, the skirt will still fit perfectly! Hee Hee. If I get really ambitious some day, I think a little bit of red rick rack would be cute a few inches up from the bottom. But for now I’m just enjoying the big pay off for less than 10 minutes of work. Thanks, Nester!


  1. ok- while you were posting this, I was working my head off on sewing curtains and a dust ruffle for the baby room- too ironic!!! 🙂 If only you had posted sooner! 🙂 They turned out pretty good though, so its ok. 🙂 Thanks so much for your ideas! You really helped give me hope- I ended up buying a flat sheet for $3 and it worked great- and then I wasn’t kicking myself over the price.


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