The $1.60 Ruffle Shirt

I love when stuff goes on clearance after Christmas. Especially if you have the patience and wait until it goes to 90% off. Thanks to Melissa at 320 Sycamore for giving me the heads up… I got these shirts at Target for $0.80 each. Can’t beat that!

No offense to Santa, but I don’t really care for the Christmas logo. So what’s a girl to do? Cover it with ruffles, of course!

I used Sachiko’s tutorial found on her blog, Tea Rose Home. Easy (she had great directions) and I love the way it turned out! The perfect shirt for kicking around the house…it’s comfy and stylish! Plus if it does get splattered with baby poo or pasta sauce or cleaner, it cost $1.80, so it’s no sweat.

I bought a second set of shirts and I can’t decide what to do with them. What t-shirt transformations have you seen that you just love? Or have you seen something at the store that you’d like me to recreate? Ideas appreciated! Just remember that it has to cover the front center since the other shirts also have Christmas logos on them.


  1. This is such a great idea- I never thought about covering up part of a shirt front with ruffles. Recently, my friends and I had a ruffle shirt day and one friend made this tee: ( This is a link to my pin for the tutorial. It has clear instructions and turns out super cute. Have fun! (O: Now, I am off to Target to find my old ugly Christmas tees to upcycle! 😉


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