20+ Cute and Cheap Floral Phone Cases

I bought a new phone cover this past week and while I was browsing on Amazon, I found SO many cute floral phone cases that I really had a hard time choosing which one I loved most. I thought it would be fun to show you the cutest floral phone cases I came across during my binge shopping marathon in case you’re in the market. Or in case you’re just a sucker for cute stuff. All of these phone cases are adorable, affordable and have free shipping with a qualifying order, which at my house means it sits in my cart until I rack up enough things to get free shipping. Ha!
I’ve included affiliate links to Amazon so you can go straight to the item.
This is the phone case I picked:

Vintage Floral Phone Case

I love the vintage look of it! It’s just one of those little things in life that make me happy. And we can all use more happy, right?!

Here are a few more floral phone cases I think you’ll love:

IPhone 5/5S Floral Phone Cases

Mint Roses and Polka Dots $7.92
Red and Black Roses 10.97
Red and Blue Floral $10.97
Red Watercolor Poppies $8.98
Oh, can you even handle the cuteness? Some of these cases are available for other phone models, so if you see one you love that’s not the right model for you, click through and check it out. You might still be able to snag it!



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