4 Secrets to Successful At-Home Dates

I know it’s important to have a weekly date with my husband. We need that time to talk, to be ourselves sans children, to reconnect with one another and to keep the spark burning bright. But getting a babysitter can be tricky and expensive and it just doesn’t always happen. Through trial and error, we’ve learned some great tips for having successful at-home dates once we’ve tucked the kids in bed and today I’m sharing all our best kept secrets with you!

Secret #1: Get dressed up. Yeah, you’re staying home and you could put on a pair of sweats. But would you wear sweats on a date if you were going out? No! Make your date special by dressing up… hair, makeup, the whole nine yards. It will change how you feel and how you act.

Secret #2: Unplug. Turn off your phone. Shut down the computer. You want meaningful conversation and no interruptions. Since you’re kids are safely in bed, you don’t need your phone anyway! The same thing goes for household chores or anything else that might distract you.

Secret #3: Plan the activity ahead of time. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes binge watching a favorite show on Netflix can be fun, but there is so much more you could do with just a little planning. Here are some of my favorite dates we’ve done in the past:
– Stargazing. You can download an app on your phone that you point at the sky and it tells you the names of stars and constellations. When it’s warm in the summer, we lay out in the yard with the app and look up at the gorgeous nighttime sky.
– Spy Training Academy. This one was rather silly, but we had a blast! We made cardboard targets and had Nerf gun shooting competitions. We also set up a laser beam obstacle course. It was great!
– Coloring Contest. We stole our kids crayons and coloring books and colored our best, then let the kids pick a winner the next morning. I won, of course. Don’t let my husband tell you otherwise. Ha!
– Fort Building. Just like when you were kids, get piles of sheets and blankets and build your own cozy place to hang out, chat, cuddle, or watch a movie.
– Taste Testing. We love to do taste tests. We buy two or more of something and then taste them side by side to see which type we prefer. We’ve done store brand vs. name brand, Reeses Pieces vs. Peanut Butter M&M’s, Breyers vs. Blue Bunny, etc. It’s a fun and amusing date!

None of these were expensive or time-consuming, but they were planned in advance and were a diversion from our normal day-to-day activities.

Secret #4: Make good food! One of the best parts of a date is the food, right? We send the kids to bed, then make something yummy. We love frozen pizza because we get delicious pizza without having to leave the house. And it’s ready faster than a delivery boy could get to our house, which means more time for fun!

Boom baby, can you believe that’s a frozen pizza?! For date night, we always buy the flavors with lots of veges and stuff our kids don’t like. Ha!

So tell me… what are your favorite at-home dates? I am always looking for new ideas so I’d love for you to comment with an idea! Thanks friends!


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