Five Easy Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy This Christmas Break

Today is the last day of school around here and that means I will have both kids home with me all day for the next two weeks. Time to come up with some fun activities to keep them busy and me sane. Here’s what we will be doing:

1. Make fun-shaped soft pretzels. The kids love shaping the dough into Christmas shapes. Plus, you probably have all the ingredients you need to whip these up. THIS is the recipe I use. Not only is it fun, but the pretzels are seriously delicious.

2. Marshmallow pictures. This one is easy. Give each child a small cup of marshmallows and a piece of colored construction paper. Let them design different pictures out of the marshmallows. Then eat the marshmallows!

3. Handprint Wreaths. Trace your child’s hand onto green construction paper and cut out 12-15 hands. Glue them into a circle. Add a real bow or a paper bow and you are done!

From The Picky Apple

4. Cut paper snowflakes. White paper, scissors and lots of tiny little paper scraps. HERE’S how I fold mine.

If you have enough kids and enough paper, you could make a cool display like this:
Vintage Junky. Cutting instructions included HERE.

5. Christmas Coloring Pages. I love Green Jello With Carrots’ site. You can let your child color online or print the pictures out and let them color the old fashioned way. Or you could pick up a Christmas coloring book from the dollar store. With the price of ink, that would probably be a much cheaper option. Ha!


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