A Chalkboard WHAT?!?!

Chalkboard paint is nothing new in the craft world. I’m sure you’ve seen something like this before:

Chalkboard Dining Room Wall

 or something like this:

Chalkboard Platter from Fly Away Home

 or even something like this:

Chalkboard Fridge

But you have not seen the full creative capacity of chalkboard paint until you’ve seen this:

A chalkboard car!

This is what my brother drove to high school. He was walking through WalMart one day with a friend, saw the chalkboard paint and the rest is history. This car was practically a legend at his school. Everyone wanted a chance to draw something on it. I’ve got to hand it to him, it took a lot of guts to paint his car. He has actually re-painted it white again, but in my mind it will always be the chalkboard car. So clever and cool I just had to share.



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