A Trash-To-Treasure Chalkboard!

This weekend I came across a hidden gem that’s been sitting in my house in plain sight. I have been wondering what to do with it and finally had inspiration.
What is it, you ask? Well…

Isn’t it obvious?

Ha! No?

It’s the wooden back from a mirror that used to be attached to an old wooden vanity. Random, right?

My mom bought the vanity at a yard sale last summer and didn’t need the mirror part, so she gave it to me. I had no idea what I would do with it. Who knew the wood behind would end up being the treasure?! (And that means I still get to come up with a use for the mirror… hmm…)

When I unscrewed all the brackets and the bottom pieces, I was left with a big, ugly wooden square with a frame around it.

First I filled in all the holes and rough places with lightweight spackle.

Then I sanded it all down, primed the middle and painted it with chalkboard paint. I used the Folk Art brand chalkboard paint (8oz) from Michael’s. It was about $3 with a coupon. I did two coats and didn’t even use the whole bottle. Then I painted the frame part aqua with paint leftover from the crib I redid last summer.

And now I have a trash-to-treasure chalkboard that is absolutely HUGE! It’s about three feet across! Love, love, love it. And I have the perfect home for it on a big, blank wall downstairs that’s been screaming for some decor. I love it when a plan comes together!

How did I get such neat lettering on my chalkboard? I am just that good. Just kidding! I designed the quote in Photoshop, printed it out large-scale, taped all the pieces together, then used THIS technique, but with white chalk on the back of the images. It gave me the basic outline of everything, then I just filled in by hand where needed. Worked like a charm!



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