Amazing Patio Set Transformation

Happy Thursday! I’m excited to show you a great before-and-after project today. Here’s what I started with:

This old, battered, rusty metal patio set that had definitely seen better days. I bought it at a yard sale for $50.

The first step to transforming this patio set was to clean away as much dirt, rust and flaking paint as possible. I used steel wool…

 … and a metal brush attached to my drill for the really bad spots:

I immediately sprayed everything with primer made for rusty metal. Rust begins to form after only 30 minutes of metal being exposed to air, so I had to move fast. It took two cans to coat everything.

Then I used 5 cans of a beautiful blue spray paint. It’s Rust-oleum’s Gloss Enamel in Light Turquoise.
It may just be my new favorite spray paint color!

After everything dried, I let it sit untouched for 30 days to let the paint fully cure. I was able to let it sit for so long because I couldn’t find my staple gun to reupholster the seats. Ha! Otherwise, I don’t think I could have been so patient.

I used outdoor fabric from Joann to reupholster the chair seats. HERE is a step-by-step tutorial on how I did it.

And now, what you’ve been waiting for, the patio set reveal!

Ah! The bright colors, the mix of patterns, the vintage feel of the chairs. Do you love it? Because I love it so much I want to squeal!

Pretty much all of the goodies are from Target. Aren’t the Ikat plates adorable?

I can’t wait to grill! Maybe we’ll just have dinner outside every night now that we have such a happy place to eat.

I love the rug from Target, but I feel like it’s not quite the right size. I may return it and try something else. We shall see.

When it gets cold in the Fall, I am tempted to move these cute chairs into the dining room:

This was a pretty dramatic before and after. I still have more I want to do in this space (including refinishing the deck, hanging string lights and adding some kind of serving table), but it is definitely coming along.

Some side-by-sides for you. Definitely an improvement!

I wish you could all come over and sip lemonade on the deck with me. Thanks for stopping by!



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