American Girl Doll Swimsuit

Okay, I warned you I was kind of obsessed with doll clothes right now. After making some basics (HERE) and a pair of pajamas (HERE), my daughter decided her doll needed a swimsuit, even though it’s freezing and snowy outside!

American Girl Doll Clothes Swimsuit Pattern
I used THIS free pattern, but I didn’t have any fold over elastic on hand, so I just used some aqua elastic and folded it over myself. I don’t know if I could recommend doing this, because it did make it harder to sew, but sometimes you do what you gotta do.
The only change I made  to the pattern was to add the little ruffle along the top edge. I just gathered a strip of fabric, tacked it on, then sewed it into the elastic like the instructions said.
And I made some little sandals and a beach bag, because I just couldn’t help myself. The soles of the sandals are made of craft foam. I cut two pieces for each sandal, wrapped the elastic around her foot, then sandwiched the elastic in between the two pieces of foam and hot glued it all together. They aren’t perfect… it was really hard to get the edges of the foam even and smooth… but they are still pretty fun and my daughter doesn’t care if they are perfect or not.

I’ve been working on making a free pattern to share with you. Hopefully it’ll be done and ready for posting tomorrow!




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