Baby Shoes

My project for today…these adorable little “Robeez” style shoes for baby brother. I am so excited with how they turned out. I made shoes. How cool is that?! I think my husband was seriously doubting my ability, so it’s always nice to prove him wrong. haha. I used the online tutorial at and then added my own flair to give them the look of a tennis shoe. I have no idea what size they are and I wasn’t sure how tight to pull the elastic, but once little brother is here, it will be easy enough to make them fit right. I will definitely be making more…and probably stock piling a few to give as baby shower gifts. Yay!


  1. How cute are these!!! I am in total love. Def. one to save and try. Thanks for the comment. It is fun to find out who visits and reads. I think you should totally branch out and do a family blog too, though. It would be fun to see your family/kidlets.

  2. Jennifer, those are so cute. Those shoes are the best ones for babies but they are really expensive to buy. Do you just buy the leather at the fabric store and use your normal sewing machine? Were they hard to make?

  3. Tessa, these shoes are made out of cotton. The sole is lined with iron on fabric stabilizer to give it some strength. I want to try making some out of leather, I just haven’t found a cheap piece to use yet. 🙂 They weren’t hard to make if you know sewing basics.


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