Bathroom Mini-Makeover

I’ve been sick of my bathroom for a long time. My husband is a student and we have been renting for the last five years. We’ve had the same bathroom stuff for five years too. I’d love to just go out and buy a new shower curtain, matching towels, rug, and accessories, but we’re poor college students…I can’t justify buying new stuff when the old stuff is still in good shape. So what’s a girl to do? Add some accessories!!!

Just a few little projects and I like my bathroom again! Here are the “after” photos.

Project 1: I found a board I had lying around, painted it navy blue, then hand-painted the words (because I can’t afford to buy the pre-cut vinyl words). It’s not as hard as you would think. I printed the words off my computer onto regular paper. Then I layed the paper over the board and using a ballpoint pen, traced over the outline of the letters. By pushing really hard, the pen left a faint outline on the board. I just filled it in with white paint.

Project 2: These picture frames are from the dollar store. I painted them white and filled each square with scrapbooking goodies from my stash. It’s nothing fancy, but it really helps to pull the two colors together and it makes me happy, so that’s really all that matters.

Project 3: Wooden Box. This box was kind of plain before. With a little bit of scrapbooking paper, some Mod Podge, a couple buttons, and it has a new look. And it matches the paper I used in the frames.

This isn’t a dramatic transformation by any means, but now my bathroom is a much happier place for me to be. And the best part? Because I used what I already had, I spent a grand total of $3 (for the three dollar store frames). Not bad!


  1. I am always amazed when I come on this blog! I love the bathroom, the skirts, the puppets….you are truly awesome! And how are you feeling lately, I might ask?! Hope all is well. 🙂

  2. Looks great. Everything you do looks great.

    I have a little tip that I love and don’t know if you know about it. For your board that you traced with a ballpoint pen. Instead of making an indentation you can take your regular paper with a word or picture on it. On the back rub your pencil all over enough to cover your design. then flip it over and trace your design. Your design should then transfer into your board (or onto another piece of paper or whatever). Then you can trace in black pen or paint etc. and then erase your pencil lines. I especially like it because of the erase part if I don’t like it or haven’t centered it right. You can do the same thing with colors. Rub crayons in patters on one side of a piece of paper then flip it over and draw a picture and it will show up in fun colors.



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