Bumps in the Road and Gratitude

Today is the fourth day we’ve been in our new home. It’s been an interesting few days with one unexpected event after another. I’m choosing to see it as comical how many bumps we’ve had in the road. So grab a cup of cocoa and read on if you need a laugh.

Event #1: The week before we moved in, I came to the house every day for 10-12 hours to work, work, work. I scrubbed, patched, primed and painted. As I was cleaning the oven, this happened:

I undid the screws on the front of the oven to clean the dirty streaks on the inner window. When I went to push the front of the door back up to screw back together, POOF… all that safety glass shattered into a million pieces. Interesting side note: did you know that when safety glass breaks, for nearly an hour afterwards it sits on the floor popping like popcorn? New info to me and it was truly weird to see.

So I guess we’re getting a new stove. Honestly, I’m bummed about the expense, but I’m excited to get a nicer stove! Thank goodness there are some smokin’ deals on appliances right now for Black Friday.

Event #2: One of the people who came to help us load the moving truck hit our car.

Bummer. Now I’ve got to deal with that fun mess.

Event #3: I went for five days without so much as spilling a drop of paint and then the last night we were working at the house, my husband accidentally spilled about half a gallon on the kitchen floor. It came up, but a pair of sneakers and a fleece pullover may have died that night.

Event #4: Our eyes have been opened to what it truly means to buy an older home… leaky dishwasher, leaky sink, water damage from leaky sink, and the craziest discovery of all: the previous owners removed a load bearing wall in the basement and now the living room upstairs sags a good inch in the center. All our furniture leans:

We’re going to have to install some kind of support beam. That should be an interesting project.I’m just glad we found out about it now. We want to install a hardwood floor in the room that sags. Can you imagine the nightmare it would be to try to fit straight boards into a concave shape?

Event #5: Last night I ate a donut at about 10pm. By 10:30, I knew something funky was happening in my innards and boy howdy, was I right. I spent the night barfing. Who knew you could get food poisoning from a donut? I tell ya, it’s just the icing on the cake. So I’m taking today off, even though there’s nothing I want to do more than to unpack, hang curtains, and shrink the size of Box Mountain. I’ve been catching up reading my favorite blogs, sipping Powerade, nibbling bread and crossing my fingers that it all stays down.

Ironically, I have never had a week where I have felt more grateful. Despite all the craziness, I am so thankful to my family and friends for the meals, the babysitting, the laundry, and the packing they have helped with. I am humbled by the service I have received. I am grateful for a husband who can fix all the little problems that arise. When I sit down at the Thanksgiving table in a few days, my gratitude will be plentiful.


  1. Hopefully you won't have too many (if any) more bumps in the road, looking forward to seeing you put your creative stamp on your new home 🙂 get well soon!!

  2. FYI…we had a front on our oven break..so we were able to have a solid piece of metal (powdered coated with black paint to fit in there)…it wasn't glass,,,but you couldn't tell because the piece that was there was a smoked glass…also we had to open door to check doneness..but I do that anyway 🙂 It might not be perfect but it could buy you sometime time to save up?

  3. I wrote this comment but for some reason I don't think it got submitted… so I'll try again. My apologizes if this is doubled.

    We just bought our old house in August, so I totally get what you're going through. I'm jealous you got to deep clean before moving in, though. We had to drive across 2 states in 2 days with 2 kids & a newborn, stay in a hotel for 2 days before finally closing on our house and then move in the day before taking family to the airport so they could fly home. So much of our house has never been deep cleaned. I figure we're going to remodel anyway, so what's the point in deep cleaning it if we're just going to tear it down? 🙂 And I love old houses, but man, they have some kinks for sure. Like a bathroom with no bath fan in one of the wettest climates in the US so everything stays wet all the time & grows mold– even the toilet paper, electric baseboard heaters that as it turns out are basically useless, plumbing with pipes that go every which way but to the kitchen sink last so the water pressure is nonexistent, and wait is that a rat living under our house & eating the insulation?! Haha anyway, can't wait to see what you do with your place. I'm sure you'll inspire me, and make me a little jealous 🙂

    Also, who the heck removes a load bearing wall?!

  4. (I meant to comment on this post forever ago, but I'm going to blame the holidays for forgetting) That stove pic is so tragic! Why does all of this stuff have to happen during a move? It's the kind of stuff you want to cry about and laugh about because it's so absurd.

    The day of our move, right before we were supposed to leave to pick up the moving truck, we found water heavily leaking through our son's ceiling. Several other things happened & our family said, 'Yep. Sounds like a moving day!' (Oh, and my husband recently hit our friend's bumper, so we are dealing with that too!)


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