Cheap (and Glittery!) Valentines Day Art

I shared on Instagram the other day that I got a bunch of cute stuff from Target’s Dollar Spot. Side note: Did you know I was on Instagram? Newbie! It’s a fun place. I’m glad I’m giving it a go.
Anyway… as I sat and stared at the cute haul, I came up with an idea for an art project. It started with four packages of these 3D stickers:

I cut them apart, leaving the plastic back on. This way I could arrange them over and over without worrying about the sticky backs.

Next, I glued a 12×12 silver glitter paper to a piece of foam core (bought at Dollar Tree). I wanted this thing to be sturdy.

Then I arranged my stickers, removed the backings, and stuck them down.

Pretty cute, right? After I had already stuck these down, I thought it would be cute to make them into a heart. It is Valentine’s Day, after all.

I still felt like it was missing something, so I went back to my stash of goodies and when I saw the party straws, something just clicked inside my brain. I used hot glue to turn the straws into a frame! I folded the straws around each corner, like this:

I did my best to match up the stripes, and you can hardly see where the straws join. It added that little extra something to finish it off and I love how it turned out!

I think I may need to make more of these little signs for St. Patty’s Day, Easter, 4th of July… woo! I’m goin’ nuts over here!

Now my entryway is ready for Valentines Day! Yay!

My Dollar Tree hurricane vases are filled with Dollar Tree glitter hearts and some red disco ball ornaments. Then I’ve got a banner of Valentines cards held together with mini clothespins, cute little paper clip love birds, and my big frame from a yard sale that I made over. I only added one new decoration this year, but I love how it really pulls everything together. Hurray for cheap holiday decor!



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