Clean Eating Day 3

It’s the very end of day three and I am sitting at the computer dreaming of chocolate chip cookies. Will my cravings ever subside? I thought they would have let up by now! It makes me realize just how addicted I am to sugar. But overall, today has been easier. It helps that I haven’t really gone anywhere or done anything. It’s been a quiet day at home and that’s definitely easier than stressful and busy days.

I made a huge pot of cabbage soup that will be nice to eat over the next few days. I also made some fresh salsa. I think it may be my favorite thing to eat right now. Homemade salsa? Not a diet food! It’s just plain delicious! I’ve been eating it with no-fat refried beans, cucumber slices or just by the spoonful.

Today I’m also really missing dairy. A cold glass of milk to go with the cookies I’m craving would be the perfect treat right now. Staying strong. Staying Strong. Once the seven days are over, I’ll add dairy and whole grains back into my diet. That will open up a lot of food possibilities and make choosing healthy foods a lot easier.

Here’s what I ate today:

* 3 eggs with salsa
* Smoothie: orange, banana, strawberry
* 2 large bowls of cabbage soup (cabbage, canned tomatoes, onions, carrots, seasonings)
* Refried beans and homemade salsa
* Cantaloupe
* Banana



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