Convert Old Mason Jars

Clever tip of the day: Convert an old canning jar into a container with a pour spout!

I buy my yeast in bulk because I make a lot of bread. It is so much cheaper than buying the tiny jars or individual packets. The yeast pictured below is a 1 pound brick and it cost $2 or $3. That is a huge savings. The only bummer about bulk yeast is how to store it easily. Well, listen up, friends, because I have the solution:

Tah-dah! A pour top jar!

Just chop the top off an empty cardboard salt container, cut it to the size of a canning lid and use the canning ring to screw it in place.

Then you can put the whole thing in the back of the fridge and the next time you bake, you can easily pour the yeast into your measuring spoons. Plus, the jar is see-through so you can keep track of how much you have left.

This would also be great for storing spices, baking ingredients, or powder laundry detergent bought in bulk.

So the only question left is,
what are you going to put in your pour-spout jar?


  1. Genius! I am going to use it for exactly the same purpose. Plus then the jar won't get lost on the door of my fridge like my little bag tends to do. Thanks for the great tip!

  2. aleighoop–

    Once a year my grocery store has a sale on items in bulk. I always buy the bricks of yeast then because they go on sale. If you can't find the big bricks of yeast in your baking aisle with the other yeast, I would ask a store employee about it or find a store that sells things like oats and flour in 50 pound bags. Do you have a Winco near you? They would probably have it.

  3. Having a collection of older canning jars, I happen to also have an older, all metal lid with pop-up spout, the only one I've ever seen. Glad for your way of re-creating such a useful item.

  4. I'm thinking that, at the rate I use salt (living by myself), I'd practically have to go buy a new container of salt and dump the contents in the trash to just use the pouring spout – which might be worth it. Then again, the idea of storing the salt in a mason jar with the pour spout added sounds pretty interesting, especially if I punch a few holes in the lid, too, to use as a giant (as in doesn't have to be refilled often) salt shaker or pourer. And I like that I can see through it so I know when to buy a new container. Hmmm, will have to consider that one!

  5. Awesome! I'm going to use it for my homemade bath salts, plus other dry ingredients in my pantry. So simple, yet so brilliant!

  6. Awesome! Thanks for sharing Jenifer!! I immediately applied this wonderful idea. You have made life in the kitchen not only easier, but prettier as well.

  7. I have just bought my 1st brick of yeast… it looks different then the yeast I am used to using… can u tell me how much I need to use in a traditional batch of buns… I think I use 2 tbsp of fast acting yeast… the type you let pre rise …then put into flour and warm water and mix…. Would I use the same amount?? I know with this type it just gets mixed into the flour and does not have to pre rise… Just don’t know in comparison how much to use….


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