Cool Finds

Spent some time browsing new blogs today, something I haven’t done in forever. I feel like my creative juices are now overflowing! I found so many cool things that I thought I’d share so you can waste a whole day browsing new blogs too! haha.

1. Be still my heart! This duvet cover is gorgeous. And Made By Lex makes it actually seem possible. Love it!

2. A new favorite blog… Grosgrain Fabulous finds clothes at thrift stores and remakes them. You should see the “before” pictures of this blue polka dot dress. You will be amazed. She also does amazing things to shoes and has awesome style. After spending at least two hours devouring her delicious blog, I have to restrain the urge to run, walk, or crawl to the nearest thrift store so I can try some of her tricks. She is truly fabulous.

Who doesn’t need to learn 37 ways to tie a scarf? Enough said!
4. Ruffle Scarf Tutorial at Happy Together. This one is so pretty, you don’t even need to tie it fancy! Check out her whole blog while you’re at it. Lots of fun stuff!
5. And last but not least, look at these shoes! They used to be plain black pumps that were getting worn out, so Dave’s Wife Mod Podged them.. Mod Podge shoes?! Shut up!


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