Crafty Baby Gifts To Make

Today I thought I’d share a round up of some of my favorite things to give as baby shower gifts. I love babies and baby showers and I love making something special and personalized for my friends when they have new babies.

Burp Cloth Bouquet

A burp cloth bouquet is a useful gift as well as a decoration. And a new mom can never have too many burp cloths.

Baby Beanie with Interchangeable Flowers

Want to try your hand at crochet? This pattern whips up pretty quickly and can be done by beginners. And you can make a bunch of different flowers to go with it so they can match different outfits.

Fabric Baby Shoes

Although these fabric shoes are pretty girly, you could easily make sporty boyish ones using the same pattern. Baby shoes are a weakness…there’s something irresistible about them!

Baby Headband with Interchangeable Bows

I guess I really do love interchangeable things…all the hair bows were so fun to make.

Blankets are a staple gift at baby showers for me. Below are three different types, arranged in order from quickest to more time-consuming. They are all easy enough for a beginner to make.

Easy Flannel Blanket
Self-Bound Flannel Blanket
Rag Quilt
Last but not least, my all-time favorite thing to make for baby showers is personalized fabric or felt books:
Felt Name Book
Yeah, I am kind of obsessed. In fact, I love making them so much that I think they need their own post. Check out the fabric/felt book round up HERE.
What are your favorite gifts to make for baby showers?


  1. I realy liked the rag quilt blanket & I want to make one real soon. I will seart getting my fabric up now & I can not wait till it is done. Hope to take picture to show you how it tured out. Thanks for the ideal you gave me.

  2. I have a sister in law who's an awesome seamstress. She just had a yummy little boy, and she loves to make him shoes. I think she would love to see how you made those cute lil shoes in this post, but all I see when I click on the link is the picture. Do you have a link where she can see a post or instructions or patterns? Thanks!


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