Crafty Chicks Quiet Book

Tonight in my blog wanderings, I found this amazing quiet book:

And if you know me, you know how much I ADORE quiet books. She has some really cute pages. Definitely worth checking out if you are wanting to make one some day.

My little girl would have SOOOOO much fun with these cupcakes. They are adorable!
I’ve never attempted finger puppets, but she makes them look and sound easy. Isn’t this barn to die for?! I am in love!
This gal did a great job. In fact, she makes me want to add to my books. Seriously. Go check her out! And since I don’t know how to do fancy links, here are the cut and paste links:


  1. Gosh I love the blogging world! I totally stumbled on your super cute blog today, saw your pic and thought, "Is that Jennifer C. from good ol' BYU-I?" This is Julie! We were RS presidents together the semester before we both got married! I would love to be added to your private blog and catch up with you! My email address is jewele dot babe at gmail dot com. Hope to hear from you soon!


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