DIY Stamped Christmas Ornaments Two Ways

Make DIY stamped Christmas ornaments two ways: stamp with ink onto wood slice ornaments for a rustic woodland vibe or use stamps to imprint designs into oven bake clay.

diy christmas ornaments

Handmade Christmas ornaments are my very favorite thing to make for Christmas. We love to add them to our trees each year, but they also make a great gift or as an extra touch when wrapping gifts.

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Today I’m going to show you two different ways you can use stamps to make Christmas ornaments. You will need the following supplies:

diy christmas ornaments with stamps

Materials Needed

Don’t miss the video tutorial at the bottom of the post.

Wood Slice Stamped Ornaments

stamped wood slice christmas ornaments

Step 1: Drill a hole through each wood slice for hanging.

Step 2: Choose a stamp design and attach it to a stamping block.

Step 3: Load the stamp with ink. Carefully line it up over the wood slice and press firmly.

Step 4: String a ribbon through the hole for hanging.

diy stamped wood slice christmas ornaments

I just love how these stamped ornaments turned out and they were so easy. That buffalo check with the wood grain showing through… all the heart eyes!!

stamped ornaments two ways

DIY Stamped Clay Christmas Ornaments

It was really hard to capture the beauty of these stamped clay ornaments. The relief image the stamps create when pushed into the clay is so cool. I am so excited about these ornaments and I plan to make many more this season.

stamped clay christmas ornaments

Step 1: Tear off a quarter piece of clay from a 2 oz. brick. Knead it between your fingers until it softens. This will make an ornament that’s approximately 3 inches across

Step 2: Roll the clay into a perfect sphere between your hands, place it on a smooth work surface. Use a clear stamping block to smash it flat. You can decide how thick or thin to make the ornament by how much you press. 

Step 3: Attach a stamp to a stamping block, then gently and evenly press the un-inked stamp into the clay. I totally messed up the first time I tried this… but I just re-rolled the clay and tried again. No biggie!

Step 4: Use a toothpick to add a small hole in the ornament for hanging.

Step 5: Move the stamped ornaments onto a piece of aluminum foil and bake according to the instructions on the clay package. The clay I used said to bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes, but I noticed that different brands and varieties had slightly different instructions.

Step 6: Once the clay is baked and cooled, you can add color with Stampin’ Blends markers, acrylic craft paint or just leave them plain white. It’s up to you!

Step 7: String a ribbon or baker’s twine through the hole for hanging.

how to stamp clay ornaments

That’s it! Can you believe how incredibly simple both ornaments are to make? The end results are stunning, but this really is easy enough that even kids could handle it.

DIY Stamped Christmas Ornaments VIDEO TUTORIAL


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