DIY Whimsical Floral Night Light

I’ve been slowly working on decorating my girls’ shared bedroom and one must-have item for their room was a night light. I got the idea to make my own using fairy lights inside of a shadow box and it turned out so cute that today I’m sharing the tutorial so you can make one too.

DIY Girls room decor. Create a pretty floral picture that doubles as a night light

To make your fairy light shadow box floral night light, you will need: (affiliate links)

Materials needed to create a unique floral night light
Step 1 Remove the glass from the shadow box. Place it on top of a piece of floral scrapbook paper. You may want to tape the paper in place so it doesn’t shift as you work.
You don't have to be an artist to draw beautiful flowers with alcohol ink markers.
Step 2 Trace the floral designs onto the glass with the alcohol markers. They will give you a soft watercolor-like effect that’s really unique and pretty.


Create a pretty floral night light craft
When you move the glass, you’ll be able to see your pretty flowers and shhh….. no one will know you didn’t freehand them!
a cool technique for using alcohol markers on glass
Step 3 String the lights through the opening at the top of the shadow box and tape them into place so the lights are evenly spaced.
Crafts using fairy LED lights
Step 4 Cut the vellum paper to size and slide it into the frame. If one sheet of vellum is too see-through, just add a second or third piece until you’re happy with the opacity.


Project using Spectrum Noir markers and vellum paper
Step 5 Slide the glass back into place, making sure that the marker design is on the inside so it can’t get rubbed off by little fingers. Then just add batteries and flip the switch to reveal a glowing floral work of art!
Floral night light DIY
Because I used LED lights, they won’t get hot, so it’s perfect for a child’s room. I can turn the light on so my girls can fall asleep without being scared of the dark. And the best part is that it looks great day and night.
Non-traditional nightlight with a floral design



  1. We have very similar thought processes I'm planning something similar for a friend. I was going to glass paint the glass for each season/holiday/special day so she could change the glass accordingly. I'll look into doing this bit on vellum instead 🙂 For her Birthday she's getting a book of vouchers, 1 to be cashed in 21st of each month for 1 year. Each voucher will redeem a mini home spa treatment, a new piece for shadow box light (her office has no window hence box) and something small and silly or a foody treat.


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