Don’t Look At My Sink

Hey friends. Sorry for the lack of posts lately… summer is kicking my tush. I’ve been camping, hiking, swimming, visiting family and trying to keep up on yard work and housework. Plus we’re getting close on the craft room remodel. Woot!

I love a lot of things about our home. It is just the right size for us. Two car garage. A fireplace. The price was right. We have huge trees. The lot is amazing:

But I hate that the first thing you see when you walk up the stairs is the kitchen sink:

The kitchen is the most used and mess-prone room in the house and I am not a stellar housekeeper… I’d rather be crafting. I don’t always want people to see into my kitchen!

This is the layout of the room, photo taken when we first looked at the house:

The picture was taken from the living room. See how there’s a natural dividing line between the kitchen and the living room? Here’s my idea for being able to block off the kitchen and still have the open concept layout that is so convenient:

These sliding doors with frosted glass are the perfect solution! The kitchen can be closed off when we have more formal guests stop by, but can be opened back up again for everyday living and casual parties.

Of course, it’s a lot easier to Photoshop an idea than it is to actually get it done. We’ve got a thousand other projects in line ahead of this one, but it’s going to happen some day. What do you think? Good idea? Just keep your kitchen clean instead, woman, and save yourself the hassle? Ha!


  1. I love that idea. It's easy to say keep the kitchen clean, but sometimes it just doesn't happen, am I right? I wouldn't want my guests to be staring down the kitchen sink as soon as they walk into my house either. LOL! Those glass doors would look great, I think.


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