Easy Duct Tape Zippered Pouch

Make a cute, sturdy and super useful waterproof zippered pouch out of duct tape and a plastic ziplock bag!

duct tape zippered pouch

We made these fun zippered pouches at a family reunion this summer and they were so easy that even the kids could do it without help! It’s a great summer camp craft or quick afternoon project and the actual bag is sturdy, cute and waterproof. That makes them perfect for holding toiletries when traveling.

how to make a duck tape bag

And the best part is that you only need two supplies to make them! (affiliate links)

  1. Sliding Zippered Plastic Bags – any size
  2. Patterned Duck Tape – There are so many cute designs!

duct tape crafts

This is such an easy craft, but it sounds complicated when you write it all out. If you’d rather skip the written directions and watch a video tutorial instead, scroll to the bottom of this post!

Start by cutting a piece of duct tape that’s at least 4 inches longer than the width of your plastic bag. Line the tape up just under the edge of the zip top bag and press it down. Flip the bag over and fold over the 2″ overhanging sides. Cut another smaller piece of tape to cover the back side.

When you get to the last strip of tape, make sure that half of the tape hangs off the bottom edge of the bag. Cut slits in the tape and fold the sides in as shown here:

duck tape bag tutorial

Then fold up the bottom piece and cut off the excess flaps on the side.

Repeat the process for the last strip of tape but from the back side.

And that’s how quick it is to make one of these fun bags! With all of the cool patterns they have now, you’re sure to find a design you love.

duct tape bag with zipper I’m going to use my bag to keep my phone dry when I go to the pool!

duck tape zip pouch

Duck Tape Zip Pouch VIDEO TUTORIAL


    • That’s a great question, Debbie! I bought Ziplock brand freezer bags because I figured they would be the sturdiest, but I didn’t test more than one brand to know for sure.

  1. What size freezer bag did you use ? on my way to,buy the supplies to make them for my daughters 2nd grade students! They’ll,love,them

  2. I just made one using a regular Ziploc sandwich bag. It doesn’t have the “zipper’ closure, but it works just fine. I’m using it to hold all of the small thing that fall to the bottom of my purse. I may try to make some of these with the grands for school supplies. Thanks so much for the great idea.

  3. I am going to have my students make them the first week of school! They will be great for keeping little things in their desks! I have a lot of different Duck Tape rolls that I keep on hand for fixing binders and repairing folders.

    • The video is located at the bottom of the post right under the words “Duck Tape Zip Pouch VIDEO TUTORIAL” It should have a triangle play button in the center. Click on the triangle and the video will play!

  4. I am not seeing the triangle play button either. There is nothing but a blank space under VIDEO TUTORIAL. Love this idea….so much easier to move cosmetics/pens & pencils from one purse to another. Thanks.

  5. I’ve messed up 3 already. Video appears that 3 strips of large covers the quart bag…mine was short all 3 times about 1/2”. So I think you put a narrow strip in somewhere ?.

    • Each strip overlaps the one above it and quart bags can be a variety of sizes, so you’ll just have to go with the flow and see how it works on your bag. Overlap is okay!

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