Dumpster “Skimming”

I may or may not be guilty of dumpster “skimming.” I would never actually dive into a garbage can. But if something wonderful happens to be sitting on top, I might just bring it home with me.
I was walking my daughter home from school the other day and saw some sort of metal scroll object next to a garbage can on the curb. We happened to be walking home with a friend, so I took mental note to come back later. I guess I have too much pride to pick through garbage with someone watching (but I’ll blog about it for all of the web to read…hmmm).
So later that day, I went back to said garbage can only to be foiled. The neighbors were sitting out on their front porch. Too embarrassed, I trudged back home empty handed.
I tried one more time just as the sun was setting that night. With twilight on my side, I casually walked past the garbage can, saw that the metal scrolls were really the legs to a darling little fold up table, grabbed that sweet thang without a second thought, and hauled it home, much to the chagrin of my poor husband. 
But seriously, who throws away something this cute:

I love it! Such an awesome dumpster skim! I’ve thought about taking the table top off and making it into a magnet board. I’ve thought about painting the whole thing a funky color. But for now, I’m kind of loving it just the way it is. And I’m patting myself on the back for saving such a lovely little table from the town dump.


  1. That is gorgeous! I do like the little legs too, very cute.
    I love picking up quirky stuff from our local council clean ups… Though my husband now forbids it because we would bring home too much! 🙂

  2. Hi! Just found your 12 Days of Christmas story and candy idea on Pinterest. Was unable to access all of the stories. Can I please get you to send me the pdf file of the stories? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the great ideas!


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