Easy Christmas Candy Countdown

Make this easy Christmas candy advent calendar for your family to count down to Christmas. Start any day in December!

I had good intentions of making a new handmade advent calendar for my kids this year. I even special ordered supplies. But December 1st came and went and no advent calendar was created. Dang.
As a mother December 1st feels like D-Day. Like suddenly I have to be creating these magical, amazing, Christmas card worthy memories and spend every waking moment decking the halls, cutting paper snowflakes and baking cookies. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?
Make a candy chain to count down to Christmas
Luckily, I came up with an easy idea for those of us who may have missed that all-important First of December. I saw these adorable Lindt chocolates at the store and thought the wrappers were so festive and the idea just popped into my head. And the best part is you can start today with no mom guilt for missing December 1st.
You’re welcome.
It really is the easiest (and tastiest) advent calendar I’ve ever made! All I did was open a package of holiday Lindt candies (affiliate link, but seriously, buy them at Target… way cheaper!), count how many days were left until Christmas, then tie them together with ribbon until they make a giant candy chain. Each day, the kids fight over take turns removing one piece of candy from the chain to count down to Christmas.
An easy advent calendar Christmas countdown you can start any day you want!
Feel free to use any candy you want. But really, these truffles are pretty dang tasty so why would you want to use something else? Plus they have the most perfect tails for tying together. Also, this is not sponsored in any way. I bought the candy at Target with my own moolah, but I wish it were sponsored. I would love Lindt to send me chocolate every day. Yes, that would do nicely. Ha!
If you choose a different variety of candy, you could use THIS method for connecting the candies into a chain. It works, but it’s not as cute in my opinion.
Here’s a video to show just how easy it is to make this delicious candy countdown.


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