Fall Decor from The Dollar Store

My local Dollar Tree had some really versatile things for Fall this year.

I bought a package of six natural colored twig balls and a package of fake fall leaves from Dollar Tree to fill my apothecary jar. Then I just added anything else I had lying around that fit with the colors and textures. See the twine ball on the bottom? It’s a golf ball painted brown and wrapped in twine. I think I might scavenge the neighborhood for acorns…wouldn’t they be cute mixed in there?

But my favorite project was making candle wrappers out of the fake leaves:

And it was so simple too. I just cut a strip of scrap paper smaller than the leaves and long enough to fit around the candles and hot glued leaves overlapping all the way around the paper, like this: Then I taped the wrap around the candles, using a leaf to camouflage the tape. Easy! These leaf packages would be great to scatter down the center of a Thanksgiving table too. And the best part is they were only $1!



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