Fall Dollar Store Bowl Makeover

Hi friends! I’ve got a quick little Fall project to share with you today.
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I found this plastic bowl at Dollar Tree last week:

It is such a cute shape, but the plastic looks super cheap. I decided that for a buck, I would take it home and see if I could make it look a little more upscale.

So I busted out the spray paint–Rustoleum in flat white–to be exact. I did several thin coats (that’s always the key to a good spray job).

When the paint was completely dry, I lightly sanded all the edges. Now it totally looks like a ceramic piece.

You would never guess it was a cheap dollar store bowl now, would you?!

I wouldn’t recommend using it to hold food since spray paint is probably not food safe. But if this bowl were filled with candy corn or M&M’s I might risk it. Ha!

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  1. You INSPIRE me!! I have this exact piece–purchased last year. When I got it home, it DID look cheaper than in the store. So, I put it away, waiting for inspiration!!! THANKS JENNIFER!!


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