Flip Flop Invitations

 I made flip flop shaped invitations for my daugter’s Splish Splash Birthday Bash last week.

Here’s how:
1. Print the invitation wording onto cardstock. Trace a shoe shape onto the paper and cut out.

2. Cut out the other side of the shoe from patterned scrapbook paper. Thicker paper works best. Make sure to flip the shoe around so that the words show on the back and the pattern shows on the front. If you cut them both facing the same direction, they won’t fit together!

3. Punch a hole (I used a pencil) and thread two pieces of ribbon through. Use hot glue to secure the ends on the back side of the paper.

4. Hot glue the other ends of the ribbon on the sides of the shoe, leaving enough slack that the ribbon sticks up from the shoe.

5. Use a glue stick to glue the front piece of the shoe to the back. This will hide your ribbon ends. You may need to use a touch of hot glue where the ribbon is to get it to stick securely.

And that’s it. You’re done! Easy and unique. These would also be super cute for a pedicure party. Oooo… I think I need to throw a pedicure party. That sounds fun!


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