Free Printable Valentine’s Day Countdown

Count down to Valentine’s Day the fun way with this free printable Hershey’s Kiss Valentine’s Day countdown card.


free printable Valentine's Day countdown

I love easy Valentine’s Day ideas that make the day more fun for my kids. This year I decided to create some little countdown cards for them and I thought I’d share the files with you too. I’m using Hershey’s Kisses to count down so that my kids get a kiss from Mom every day in February! Haha.

free printable Valentine's Day countdown card


  1. Download the file at the very bottom of this post.
  2. Load your printer with cardstock or photo paper and print out the design. It prints two to a page. Cut out the design.
  3. Add a bit of glue or double sided tape to the bottom of each Hershey’s Kiss (you’ll need 14) and stick them to the circles on the mailbox.
  4. Remove and enjoy one Hershey’s Kiss each day in February leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Hershey's Kiss Valentine's Day Craft

It’s the simple things in life, friends. This little countdown only takes a few minutes to put together, but it makes life a lot more fun! Why not celebrate the small things?!


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