“Frost” Glass Using Contact Paper

I got this little round mirror at the dollar store and decided to spice it up a bit using an old crafter standby…contact paper! I made a little template, traced it onto the paper side of the contact paper, cut it out using scissors, then peeled the paper backing off and attached it to the mirror. Super simple! By the way, I used the “clear” contact paper.

It got me thinking about all the cool things you could do with contact paper:

– use an electronic cutter to make words to “frost” across the top of your bathroom mirror
– “frost” those little windows next to a front door for more privacy
– “frost” glass kitchen cabinet panels
– add designs to an apothecary jar or glass candlesticks
– change the look of a picture frame or mirror seasonally. Make a new phrase or picture for each holiday and as the old holiday finishes up, just peel off the old design. That could be so fun!
– put a mirror in your child’s room with their name frosted across it
– make a little design in one corner of your kitchen window…like branches or flowers or swirls.

The fact that contact paper is not permanent opens up a whole new realm of possibilities verses using etching cream.

And I am not the only one who thought this up. Here are some other cool contact paper projects:

Back Door Makeover (okay—the way she did it would have been so much easier! I cut a web, she used the center pieces. Duh!)
Frosted Privacy Window
Private Pantry Door
Don’t Mind The Foggy Shadow (great tips on how to apply it to a large area)

What would you do with contact paper? Please share in the comment section!



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