Gingerbread House Treat Box Free Printable and Cut File

Make these treat boxes that look like gingerbread houses to package up Christmas goodies in a cute and unique way.

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is the giving and receiving of yummy neighbor gifts. And if you want to really wow people, the trick is to package your home-baked treats in really cute packaging.
This year, I’m sharing two versions of the cutest gingerbread house treat boxes. It’s really a perfect Christmas gift idea for co-workers, neighbors or teachers.
I’ve created two different versions depending on what look you want and what crafting abilities you have.
Version one of the gingerbread house treat boxes is cut out of kraft cardstock.
Materials Needed
  • Kraft Cardstock (two 8.5×11″ pieces per box)
  • White Chalk Pen
  • Gingerbread House SVG Cut File (all downloads available for free at the bottom of this post)
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
Download the kraft paper cut file and set your Silhouette machine to cut cardstock. Cut the shape twice, on two separate pieces of cardstock.
Fold along the perforated lines, as shown in the photo below. Repeat on the second piece.
Next, draw windows, doors and all the little details onto the kraft cardstock with a white chalk pen. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect… it adds to the charm.
Place a line of glue along the small flap on the right hand side, then slide it under the left hand side of the second piece, like this:
Place a line of glue on the other small flap and slip it under the edge. You should now have a cube shape.
Glue the bottom flaps closed.
Pinch the sides in so that the triangles bend together.
Punch two holes in the flat top ridge, string ribbon through and tie a bow to keep the treat box closed.
Isn’t it the cutest treat box you ever did see?!
If the thought of hand-drawing doors and windows totally freaks you out, or if you don’t have a cutting machine, I’ve got a second version of the treat box that you can print out onto cardstock, then cut with scissors.
I love this version! It’s so cheery and whimsical.
Download the two house pieces at the bottom of the post.
It’s folded and glued together the same exact way as the kraft paper version, except for one thing. Notice the tiny arrows around the outside of the cut lines? Those are folding guide lines.
Place a ruler from an arrow to the one directly across from it and score a line in the cardstock. If you have a scoring tool, that’s great. If not, you can use the tip of a dried out pen, a knitting needle or even the tip of a pair of scissors. The goal is just to press a guide line into the cardstock to help the paper fold crisply. If you want to double check how your folds should look, scroll back up to the first tutorial photo as a reference.
After you’ve scored lines, cut just inside the black line all the way around and assemble following the directions above.
If you have a craft cutting machine, but still want to printable version, you can easily open both the cut file and the free printable designs and align them in Silhouette Design Studio.


I worked hard to create these free files for you. Please enjoy for personal use only. Thank you!

>>> Click here for the Free Downloadable Files <<<

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    • Hi Jesse, I just checked and the links are working. Do you happen to be at work? A lot of companies block access to files like this. That could be your problem.

    • Hi Jesse, I just checked and the links are working. Do you happen to be at work? A lot of companies block access to files like this. That could be your problem.

  1. It is wonderful you share your crafts! you have amazing craft items! I was able to work on your crafts with my daughter! Thank you so much! I bonded with my daughter more because of your wonderful crafts!
    Love you!!

  2. EEK!! I’m waaaay beyond excited!! I have seven grandchildren in one family and was looking for this exact type of a gift box. I tentatively printed it out and followed you instructions and… it’s just the right size and came out perfect! THANK YOU so much!! I plan to put little gifts in each one along with a baggie of “Snowman Soup” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello, I just discovered this and Iโ€™m soooo in love with it! But Iโ€™m unable to download it to my Silhouette, itโ€™s telling me I can only view it, is it no longer available? Thanks

  4. I am trying to use the silhouette cut file. When it comes up on my cut page in design, I get all solid lines and I can not get rid of the back page that is on the design page. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really want to make these with the kids. Thank you so much. Linda

    • Hi Linda! It’s hard to tell exactly what the problem is without seeing it, but there are two different files to download on this post. Could you be using the wrong one?


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