The Gingerbread Man Ran Away!

Here’s a fun Christmas activity for young kids. I recently did this for my joyschool group and it went over extremely well.

First, we read the story of The Gingerbread Man, which I checked out from the library. Then I let the kids help me make gingerbread cookies. They got to cut them out and put them on the pan. I sent the kids upstairs while the cookies were baking and when they came back downstairs, the gingerbread men had run away! All they left was a little note giving a clue to their whereabouts. We chased those little men all around the house, each time finding another clue. Finally, we caught up to them and wasted no time eating them all up.

I can’t even describe the reaction on the kids’ faces when I opened the empty oven. It was priceless! This was such a fun, simple activity. My three year old is still talking about it. And I’m still grinning with delight that my plan went so well.

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