Gold Patina Spooky Word Painted Pumpkin

This painted pumpkin idea looks like an old witch’s spell book! It is easy to do and only takes a few craft supplies.

gold word scary painted pumpkin

I’ve got another fun painted pumpkin idea to share with you. Today we’re going spooky and making a black word pumpkin with weathered metallic glaze. This painted pumpkin looks like it belongs in a creepy dungeon or along side a witch’s favorite spell book. It’s an easy Halloween craft anybody can make. Watch the video tutorial below to see exactly how it comes together.

Spooky Word Painted Pumpkin Video Tutorial


Materials Needed:

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You can use a real or faux pumpkin for the project. Just be sure that if you’re using a real pumpkin, you wash it thoroughly before painting to make sure the paint will stick well.

I’ve linked to the paint I used on Amazon, but it might be a bit cheaper to buy it at your local craft store.


  1. Stick foam letter stickers to the pumpkin. If the sticker backing isn’t sticky enough, you  may need to add extra glue.
  2. Paint the pumpkin and words black. This may take two coats. Let dry completely.
  3. Squirt a tiny bit of metallic gold paint onto a paper towel and rub it into the words, wiping off excess paint as you go. Fade the gold paint around the pumpkin to achieve the desired weathered effect. Less is more for this step, so start with a tiny amount of paint. You can always add more if needed, but you don’t want the gold paint to completely cover the black or you’ll lose the weathered effect.

I love how this pumpkin turned out. I can’t wait to try this same painting technique on other spooky Halloween crafts. The effect is just so perfect for Halloween!

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black and gold painted pumpkin


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