Halloween Costumes

As my friend Kirsten says, “It’s not Halloween unless your living room is covered in fabric.” Well, this year I sewed four costumes, three of which I didn’t have a pattern for. And yes, my house is a disaster. But the effort was well worth it.
Dorothy’s dress was a pain in the tush. The pattern had so many pieces and was sewn in a weird way. But this girl had so much fun. And you should see her loot! That basket was FULL!
The Teeny Tiny Tin Man was the hit of the party. And I have to admit he looks awfully sweet.
It took a great deal of scrubbing to return my skin to it’s normal color. I drew the line at painting my arms and hands though. How am I supposed to snitch candy from the kids if my hands are covered in disgusting paint?!


  1. Hey Jennifer! You guys are so cute! I’m seriously impressed you sewed all those costumes! I’m excited you have your blog! This is a good idea, you have lots of great ideas on here! I’m going to have to come back and read through it more!

  2. I love being mentioned on someone else’s blog. It makes me feel famous. Great job on the costumes! This was one of our ideas for this year, but without a little girl I would have had to be Dorothy, and I would so much rather be the witch. 😉 WELL DONE!

  3. I am so glad I found your blog! You are just LOADED with amazing ideas! You wear me out already! I am so impressed! You have got some serious skills with the sewing machine too! Keep it up! It will be fun to keep tabs on you- besides at church! 🙂 By the way, I wish you would have won the costume contest- I know the work you much have put into that! Boy- you are awesome!


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