Halloween Clothespin Flower Fairies

These adorable flower fairies are a fun and easy Halloween craft anyone can make.

Halloween is coming right up and today I’m sharing a fun Halloween craft idea. Remember the clothespin flower fairies I made for spring? Well, today they got a spooky update perfect for Halloween.

These little flower fairies made from wooden clothespins are one of the most fun crafts I have ever done. I really enjoyed the creative process and watching each fairy’s personality come to life. It was an easy craft that just let me be creative with zero stress.

Watch the short video tutorial to see how easy it is to make these cute clothespin flower fairies.




I purchased the silk flowers and butterflies at Dollar Tree. The clothespins and stands are available at almost any craft store. You don’t need to use butterflies for the wings. Check out my first post about flower fairies for ideas on how to make fairy wings using flower petals.


  1. Remove a flower head from the stem and pull it apart so that the fabric petals are separate from all of the plastic parts.
  2. Cut slits into the center flower hole.
  3. Slide the flower petals onto a wooden clothespin to form the fairy’s “skirt.” Secure with hot glue.
  4. Add a band of washi tape around the top of the flower petals to act as a bodice and to hide the top edges of the flower petals.
  5. Glue wings and a hat onto the fairy.
  6. Add eyes with a black marker.
  7. If you’d like to add rosy cheeks, rub the end of a q-tip on a pink oil pastel, then gently rub it into the cheek area.
  8. Place the bottom of the clothespin into the clothespin stand and glue into place. This allows the fairies to stand up.

Here are a few of the fairies I created.

This first one reminds me of candy corn. I made the tiny witch hat out of black cardstock.

If I had to name the second Halloween flower fairy, I’d say she was a bat princess.

The third flower fairy is definitely giving off the classic Halloween witch vibe, don’t you think?

The possibilities are endless with this craft! I could make these little fairies for hours, seriously. They are just so much fun!

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