Herb Dip Seasonings Christmas Gift

A friend of mine gave me the cutest Christmas gift and I just had to share it because I am a sucker for creative gifts. It was just so well put together and unique. You’re gonna love it!

Let’s start with the packaging:

A cute little box with a big gold bow and cellophane bag? So cheery!

Make herb mixes and package them in glass ornaments!

Inside the box are five glass ornaments filled with different herb/seasoning mixes. The labels and the gold sparkly ribbon ties? I mean, seriously. It can’t get any cuter!

Make custom herb mixes inside of glass ornaments to give to co-workers, neighbors and friends this Christmas.

The rolled-up paper included all the recipes for how to turn the seasonings into festive dips. Perfect for a family Christmas party or New Years munchies or even for the upcoming Superbowl.

Some people just know how to take things up a notch on the cuteness scale. For real.

There isn’t much time before Christmas, but if you are still looking for gift ideas, I’m sure anyone would be just as tickled as I was to receive such a clever, unique, useful and adorable gift.


  1. Thank you so much for the idea! I usually resort to sweets for the usual teachers and neighbor gifts. I was looking for a way to change it up this year. This is perfect!

  2. Please help this dip challenged being and tell me there is a link to the list of dip recipes… I am so excited to make & give these this year. I just have no clue what or how much to place in each ornament. Great posts!

    • I don't have a list of dip recipes. BUT… if you want to make this, just Google different dip recipes (or get out your favorite recipe cards) and add the dry ingredients in the bulbs. Then include a copy of the recipe so the recipient will how much mayo/sour cream/cream cheese to add to the spices. Hope that helps!

    • That would have been good and I probably should have. Maybe I will do that!

      I'd go to a recipe website and search for dip recipes. Find ones where you just add spices to sour cream. Add the dry ingredients to the ornaments and then type up the recipe to give with it and the person can just add the perishable ingredients later.


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