I’ve got some fun projects in the works this week that I am excited to share…


… we’ve lost the charger for our brand new camera! And the batteries are dead, which means no pictures! Boo! For the life of me, I can’t think where it is. We’ve looked in all the obvious places and now it’s time to tear the house apart to look in all the not-obvious places.

Losing things makes me absolutely crazy. About three years ago, my husband lost his wedding ring. He let my then-two-year-old try it on and next thing we knew, the ring had vanished. We searched high and low for that ring. Finally we gave up, figuring we’d find it when we eventually moved. Over a year later, I was doing laundry and reached into the cargo pants pocket of one of my son’s pajamas and wha-la! There was the missing wedding ring!

So pardon the radio silence while I search for the lost charger. I think I will start with my son’s pockets.


  1. Wow! Good thing your son hadn't gone up a clothing size yet! We lost tons of things when my son was around one. A couple never showed up ~ our guess is that he shoved them in the trash can.


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