Knitted Fingerless Gloves

I go through phases as a crafter. It seems like every few years I become obsessed with a new creative outlet. This year is definitely the year of knitting. I can’t get enough! It’s just so amazing to me that you can turn yarn into stretchy, beautiful knitted things. I am having a blast learning this new craft, with a lot of help from YouTube videos. Ha!

When I first read the pattern for these fingerless gloves (available HERE), I didn’t think I could make them. The pattern called for a lot of complicated stitches that I hadn’t heard of before and I am still a beginner! But I decided to go for it anyways.

They weren’t as hard as I thought. I’m not joking about YouTube… whenever I got to something in the pattern that I didn’t understand, I searched for a tutorial video and watched while I knitted along. It was the perfect way to learn! And now I’ve got one handmade Christmas present checked off my list. So Daddio, if you are reading this… do you read this blog? Hmmm… well, if you are today… STOP!

I used Paton’s Classic Worsted Weight Wool because it seemed like manly yarn and so they will be extra warm and should last for a very long time. I would definitely recommend this pattern for knitters who are just starting out or for experienced knitters who need something that works up quickly.


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