Kraft Paper Fringe Wreath Tutorial

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I enjoyed having my home decorated for Christmas, but with the start of a new year, I’ve been changing my home decor up a bit. Today I am sharing a craft tutorial with you for making this awesome DIY wreath. It’s so fun and I’m totally geeking out over it.
Can you believe this wreath is made out of paper?! I am digging the rustic texture of the kraft paper mixed with the funky fringe. This wreath could totally lean neutral farmhouse or eclectic London flat. It almost has a tribal feel. You could also add a round mirror to the center and turn it into a DIY sunburst mirror!
To make your own brown paper wreath, you will need:
Wire Wreath Form (I used a jumbo 18″ form, but you can choose any size)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
1. Begin by cutting long strips of kraft paper. I made the strips for the outer layer of my wreath 4 inches long, then decreased the width of the strips as I neared the center of the wreath. The smallest strip ended up being about 2.5 inches.
2. Use the fringe scissors to add fringe to one edge of the kraft paper.


3. Run a line of hot glue along the top edge of the fringe, then wrap it around the outer ring of the wreath.To get the paper to follow the curve of the wreath, you kind of have to scrunch the top edge as you glue.
4. Repeat the process for each ring in the wreath and then you’re done!


Like I said, I’m in love with this wreath. So much texture and interest for so few dollars! Another successful DIY craft project is in the books!

At first I hung the wreath in my entryway, but then I moved it to the living room and layered it on top of my giant chalkboard.
I kind of love it in here! I’ve gone completely neutral for winter, so the wreath really works.


P.S. I’m really loving how my living room is coming together. Yay!
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