Little Candy Scriptures

My kids came home from church on Sunday with the cutest little gift from their teachers…miniature scriptures made of candy! I thought they were too cute not to share…

Adorable, right? They are made from these:
To make your own candy scriptures, this is what you will need:
1. Two Hershey’s Nuggets per book you want to make
2. Black cardstock cut into rectangles slightly bigger than two nuggets set side-by-side.
3. A thought or scripture typed up on white paper (you’ll have to make it just the right size to fit over the candy).
4. Red ribbon
5. Glue gun
Start by wrapping both nuggets with the words you typed out. Glue on back to hold that part together. Then drape the red ribbon down the center and tack it down with glue. All you have left is to glue the candy to the black cardstock backing and you are done! It’s that easy.
You could also modify this idea to make plain books instead of scriptures for a summer reading kick-off reminder or to give as rewards to kids at school who meet their reading goals or to thank your favorite librarian. The possibilities are endless!


  1. A regular sized address lable (like Avery 5160) works perfectly for the top scripture part. Its the exact size.


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