Magnetic Quiet Book Pages Part II

I thought I’d add a few more pictures from the quiet book I made for my daughter.

First up is the “Build-A-Snowman” page. Each piece is moveable and the kids can build the snowman however they want. I plan to make female accessories too…a flowered hat, scarf, purse…fun stuff like that.

On the second page, kids get to sort a stack of picture cards into ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ piles. I drew and colored the little pictures, but you could easily print clipart pictures instead. The striped squares are pockets to store the cards in. You could make many different variations on this page using any opposites…light/dark, black/white, big/little, etc.

More magnetic quiet book pages here and here.


Info on magnetic paint here.


  1. As I’ve told you before, I love this idea but I’m having a hard time finding magnetic paint that you told me about at Michaels. Is it paint for metal objects? Is it even in the paint aisle?

  2. I had a hard time finding the paint too. It was with all the other paint on the very bottom shelf in a small can. I asked a salesperson for help finding it. Also, it’s pretty expensive, so I’d get a hold of a 40% off coupon before you try to buy any.


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