Magnetic Quiet Book

Here’s a project I “completed” a few months ago…I am still adding to it and changing things, so I guess it will never be done, but you know what I mean. I made this quiet book for my daughter to take to church. Some of the pages are religious, some aren’t. Some ideas are original, some aren’t. This is a huge mesh of stuff from friends, the internet and my very own imagination. Each page is made of cardstock that was painted with magnetic paint, then laminated. All the pieces have little magnets stuck to the back. And these are only a few of the pages.





More magnetic quiet book pages here and here.
Post on magnetic paint here.


  1. I just found your blog and I am loving it. Question about your magnetic Paint…Where did you find it and how do you get it to work. I have young children in my life and would love to make some books for them, I also love your idea. It is sooo great!! Please help me out.

  2. These quiet books are great. I have started one for my son for him to look at while at church but I really like your patterns better. Can you share where you got the pattern for the whole armor and the little kids and clothes? thanks!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your ideas!!! They are very good. Question: Where do you get your clipart pictures for all of your pages? Do you draw them free hand or did you find them online? Thanks again for sharing, I am thinking of making a book for my boys.

  4. CINDY,

    I started by thinking up ideas for the pages. Then I looked for clip art or drew the graphics myself and got them all printed on cardstock. Definitely need cardstock so the paint doesn't wrinkle the pages too much. Then laminate! It was not nearly as much work as many of the other quiet books I've made. Paper is so much faster to work with than fabric!

  5. Exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to put together a laminated quiet book, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to glue on magnets for pieces or print on magnet paper or what for the matching and dress up pages. Did you put the paint on before laminating or after? Did you put the paint on the back side of the pages then on the backs of the pieces or on top of the main page? I have some double sided pages do you think on top would be fine? I'm assuming the dress up pieces stick to the main page with the same magnet paint just fine? Like do opposite poles detract and you have to put on metal sheet or do they attract just fine? If that makes sense? This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing! I knew there was a way to make my vision reality but couldn't figure it out!

    • Jessica, I did two coats of paint on the back of every page before laminating. Some pages are "stickier" than others and I think it's really dependent on how many layers of paper are between the paint and where the child would place the magnet. Layering paint in front would be a good solution for that, although it does get pretty thick. One alternative is to make loose pages that the child could lay on top of a cheap metal cookie sheet. Then you wouldn't have to use the paint at all!


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